Wood screw to wood screw

Balustrade System 10 – 4mm socket & wood screw to socket & wood screw

One of the systems of balustrades that Tensile Cables offers for easy installation is a 4mm socket & wood screw to socket & wood screw solution.

The benefits of this system is its clean finish into an all timber post balustrade without the need for stainless steel dome nuts protruding out of the outside of the final post. This wood screw system also offers a solution for termination when you have a wooden post butting up against a concrete wall and you have no access to the back of the post. The final wood screw is screwed into the final post and the cable is tensioned into the socket minimising the awareness of the cables, and offering unobstructed views over the balcony or patio edge.

This system can be quoted for, along with our other balustrade solutions, directly from our website. Visit the Products page and select the balustrade system of your choice. Select the size and quantity you require and add the solution to a quote request. Fill in your details and send, and we will revert with technical sales assistance and a comprehensive quote.

Wood screw balustrade