From conception to breathtaking structures


Our engineers work hand in hand with architects and designers to develop a design concept into a photo realistic 3-D model for complete visualisation. This ensures that designs not only meet aesthetic intent, but are structurally stable and functional. All projects are signed off by professional engineers who specialise exclusively in the design of tensile structures. The end result is a set of all inclusive design drawings, from foundations to steel and cable elements and finally fabric.


Choice of fabric is the most critical factor in deciding on specifications for permanent tensile structures. Life expectancy varies widely between fabric types, and the manufacturer is critical. Tension Structures only uses fabric sourced from the two international companies who produce the very best quality fabric – i.e. Ferrari and Verseidag.

PVC/Polyester fabric can be classified into 3 categories, depending on the type of protective top coating, as follows:
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Our fabrics allow for control of light intensities, provide wind, rain and solar protection and also have appropriate fire retardant properties. Endless fabric forms are possible. The backbone of these structures comes from structural steel and cable systems, with cables and fittings usually being made from marine grade 316 Stainless Steel to ensure the longest possible lifespan. Steelwork components are manufactured from hot-dip galvanised steel, coated with two-part epoxy coat paint to combat the corrosive environments which exist around the coast, and in polluted urban situations.


We take great care to ensure that the designs of steel and cable connections are cost effective, aesthetically pleasing and functional. Following a rigorously planned installation process, using stringent quality control and safety measures, the majestic structure unfurls into a multifaceted and functional masterpiece. The tensile structure transforms the architecture and elongates and elevates the walls into the space beyond.