Enclosed courtyards liven up urban areas

“Internal courtyards bring light and ventilation to buildings that are constrained by party walls – ideal for high-density areas – plus they offer welcome outdoor space in urban areas.” – Nemone Bieldt of Indigo Architects in Cape Town, Visi Magazine.

With the square meterage of homes becoming increasingly smaller and more urbanised, it is essential to find opportunity for outdoor spaces despite constraints.

Indoor enclosed courtyards offer a solution – they can be open air, but they can also have retractable roof solutions or a tension fabric structure.

Take a look at some enclosed courtyards featuring Tensile Cables in the photo story below.

This courtyard in Constantia, Cape Town shows how a green wall trellis can bring more greenery into a courtyard space by decorating a blank wall.

This unique roofing solution by Tension Structures in this indoor pool offers natural light despite the enclosed space.

While not strictly a courtyard, this tensile structure by Tension Structures turns this stairwell atrium into a sunroom at Hibernian Towers in Strand, Western Cape.

Surrounded by the office block and the greater Cape Town CBD, this courtyard is beautifully zen covered with this tensile structure by Tension Structures and yet still well lit and open.