Epicurious Garden in South Bank, Australia

At the Epicurious Garden in South Bank in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, creative solutions have been used in this edible community garden through trellises including a green wall statement signage piece with tensile cables.

An ‘epicure’ is by definition “a person who takes particular pleasure in fine food and drink”, and this community garden is “part of Brisbane City Council’s broader plan to inspire people of all ages to become home gardeners. Related initiatives include library workshops on a range of topics such as keeping chickens, propagating plants and heirloom seed saving. Cooking workshops and others highlighting permaculture garden principles also feature.”

The sign is a 5 metre long showpiece by Innovative Rigging comprising of a steel frame with a vertical stainless steel cable trellis running vertically from the ground up to the letter signage. Over time, vines have overgrown the sign nestling the letters in lush greenery.