My Green Home Project

My Green Home Project

In an effort to scale up the low carbon building efforts in South Africa’s major cities, the Green Building Council in collaboration with the C40 Cities initiative – a group of major world cities trying to cut climate-changing emissions – has launched The ‘My Green Home’ project.

The project told the story of The Ngewana family, living in Pinelands, Cape Town. Their home received a ‘green home makeover’ and the aim was to show the positive impact one family can have by living a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly lifestyle.

As part of their green makeover project, the family also learned techniques to cut their energy use such as switching off appliances that aren’t being used, switching to washing laundry with cold water, as well as hanging laundry out to dry rather than using a tumble dryer.

Tim Pryce, who runs C40 energy and buildings programme worldwide, said buildings make up the largest single source of emissions in C40 cities, with over half of the total emissions. He said driving these emissions down was integral to avoiding the hugely damaging impacts of climate change.

The Green Building Council of South Africa awards certification to ‘Green Star’ buildings that meet energy efficiency requirements, handle waste responsibly and contact in spaces that contribute to the health and well-being of its users.