Hanging Gardens at the Perez Art Museum, Miami

Image from ArchDaily

The outside of this exquisite building creatively meets with what is inside the Perez Art Museum. Designed by world renowned Artist Patrick Blanc, the vertical gardens at the entrance to the museum are inspired by the hanging gardens of Babylon.

The hanging gardens were created out of fibreglass tubes supported by galvanised steel structural tension rods and struts.

Not only for aesthetics and art, the gardens serve another purpose:

“Tropical plants selected for their resilience to the local conditions engulf the structural system [of the museum]. Roof and plants combined will create an overall microclimate reducing the extreme temperature gaps between outside and inside in the hot weather.”

Miami’s famous lush vegetation and tropical climate demanded a translation between these assets and the architecture of this building.

Source: https://www.archdaily.com/493736/perez-art-museum-herzog-and-de-meuron