Majik Forest Trellis

Tensile Cables recently completed trellises at Majik Forest Shopping Centre in Durbanville.
A green wall is an urban and architectural element in areas that otherwise have no natural green context.
A green facade has the ability to transform the outer skin of our cities into a living landscape, allowing the concrete and brick to become environmental assets themselves.
We can create more desirable places to live and work by cloaking some of our urban landscape with a living tapestry.

Green walls are deterrents for graffiti artists, they shield walls from the elements and the improve the air quality of the building surrounds. They also act as a natural insulation solution keeping large concrete walls cooler in the Summer months, and wrapping them up in the cold Winter months, and have been proven to reduce heating and cooling costs in large scale buildings.

Our trellises were installed on the walls in the malls parking lot, and in the coming months will see green foliage scaling the walls.