New Suspended Wine Rack Cables

Tensile Cables has designed a revolutionary and sleek range of Wine Rack Cable Systems that suspends your Wine Collection on Stainless Steel Grade 316 Cables. Our Wine Rack Cable System is ideal for Wine Farms, Restaurants or Wine Collectors who want to display their Wine Collections in a unique way. As well as enhancing the Wine Display itself our suspended Wine Rack Cable Systems will complement the interior of your home or retail space. The Stainless-Steel suspended cables will also add a modern look and feel to any wine cellar. We have designed this system with easy assembly in mind and you can contact Tensile Cables for further information regarding installation details.


Advantages of Wine Rack Cables:

  • Due to the spacing of suspended cables you may accommodate more bottle sizes and varieties.
  • Bottles can all be spaced apart for easier viewing.
  • The simplicity of the suspended cables allows for more label visibility.
  • LED Accent lighting may be used to light up your display.
  • Wine Rack Cables allow for constant airflow between bottles which allows your wine temperature to remain the same.

Below you see the new suspended display method allows each wine bottle to rest on a specially designed U-Shaped Rod secured by Wine Rack Clamps on both sides.


It is important that your frame be supported on the top especially if the frame is made from wood. This will prevent your frame from bending when the cables are tensioned when they carry the weight of the wine bottles. Tensile Cables offers a 3mm thick flat support bar to support the top part of your frame. Our wine Rack system is available using 3mm thick Stainless-Steel Grade 316 cable. We have a knowledgeable sales team ready to assist you with any questions you may have.