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New! Vertical balustrade cables

This is a sneak peek of our new range of Stainless-Steel fittings for Vertical cables in balustrades that terminate in the metal post and specifically do not go through the posts.

Vertical Stainless-Steel cable balustrades have become very popular in Europe and are starting to form part of building regulations in those countries. Tensile Cables always endeavor to remain at the forefront of new and cutting-edge product development. Tensile Cables has specifically designed smaller and more economical fittings in order to make this range available in the South African market.

Australian Building regulations specify if your balustrade is higher than 4 meters up you are required to install vertical cables.  Vertical cables are almost impossible to climb. Vertical cables are ideal around swimming pools with the added safety measure of preventing children from climbing over the balustrade. All materials are grade 316 Stainless Steel.

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