Penda reveal San Shan Bridge for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

Penda reveal San Shan Bridge for Beijing 2022 Winter Olympic Games

This structural feature fulfills multiple functions on the way to Zhangjiakou, where all major events for the 2022 Winter Olympics will be taking place in Beijing. It was designed by Penda, and will be built in collaboration with Arup engineering.

Structurally, it connects the two banks of the Gui River with a 452 meter long bridge deck suspended by steel cables from 6 sloping rings cross connected in such a way as to maximise strength through lateral resistance. The pre tension of the cables stabilises the structure under comprehensive loads.

The overlapping rings of the structure form a dual helix system; which support one another at the bottom and the top of the structure where the arches intersect. This adds to the bridge’s stability, while also evoking the 5 Olympic rings when viewed from above. Visitors literally enter the rings when approaching the site for the Games. The bridge utilises 5 times less steel because of the helices.

When viewed from the side, the bridge forms 3 hills, and is the reason for the apt name ‘San Shan’ meaning three mountains. Beside the San Shan Bridge, Beijing will also host the Horticultural Expo in 2019. The undulating structure ties in with the backdrop of river valleys, and literally connects the city with its mountainous surrounds.


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