Tensile Cables Stainless Steel Trellis systems

Trellis systems using Stainless Steel cables are becoming very popular for green walls and are being incorporated into designs in business parks and shopping malls across Cape Town and  South Africa. They are practical for gardens in commercial spaces as well as residential homes. Not only are the Stainless steel trellis cables aesthetically pleasing but they offer a practical use of space and also offset your carbon footprint. Trellises can withstand the elements and are suitable for use in indoor areas and outdoor wet spaces.

Tensile Cables offers trellis systems in Stainless steel and mild steel. We have our classic Stainless-steel cable system attaching to manufactured Stainless-steel angled brackets in a gun metal finish which also come in various sizes. We also offer a second cost effective solution using Stainless Steel cable but attaching to manufactured mild steel and powder coated angled brackets in various sizes. Please contact Tensile Cables sales team for quotes on these 2 products.