Why use an Adjustable Toggle Fork?

Tensile Cables offers a range of rod systems which are ideal for roof trusses, structural supports, and bracing. The benefit of these systems lies in the galvanised steel rod that has higher stiffness than the equivalent size cable.

One of the system products offered is an adjustable toggle fork with a right hand thread on both ends made from galvanised steel. Adjustable toggle forks allow for ease of installation and tensioning on site.

Rod systems can be made up to specific lengths using a coupler nut design which joins rods together should the required length be longer than 6 metres. The rod sizes are available in M12, M16, M20, M24 & M30 allowing for a variety of different applications and strengths.

We offer technical assistance with the sizing, system design and application of rod systems.

Our rod systems are available with different end fork systems, including toggle ends, with either adjustable length or tensioning capability, as well as fixed length forks without length adjustment.

See our system drawings below, and please contact us for further information.