whale coast mall

Trellises at the Shoprite Entrance at Whale Coast Mall

Tensile Cables was approached by Isipani Construction and Bentel Associates International to supply trellising for a feature wall at the new Whale Coast Mall in Hermanus.

Bentel Associates International developed the design concept supplied by JL Design, and detailed a trellis to soften a screen wall for a loading bay at the Shoprite entrance. After consideration was given to a number of finishes for the wall – such as tiling – it was decided that the trellising and foliage that would begin to cover the wall after a period of about 6 months was an aesthetically pleasing solution.

The wall promises to present a natural feature to an entrance flanked by ATMs and receiving a fair amount of thoroughfare.

Bentel Associates International contract for mixed use commercial architecture including retail, hospitality, and large scale housing projects and the company has worked with Tensile Cables for balustrading solutions on past projects.

whale coast mall