User Guide to Stainless Steel Maintenance

A User Guide to Stainless Steel Maintenance by SASSDA

Maintenance and cleaning of stainless steel extends its lifespan. Read this manual issued by SASSDA to read correct methods of maintenance.

The South African Stainless Steel Development Association offers technical support and information for suppliers and users of stainless steel products. Tensile Cables’s cables and cable fittings are made from Marine Grade 316 stainless steel. The benefits of using stainless steel are numerous, especially in volatile climates.

According to SASSDA, “Stainless steel is protected by a thin surface layer. The strength of the layer and thus the protection is based on the amount of chrome in the material and the availability of oxygen in the surrounding atmosphere. Many grades of stainless steel are available for countless applications. Thus the first step would be to select the correct grade of stainless steel for the correct application.”

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