Vertical Cable balustrade in Grotto Bay

This Vertical balustrade is in Grotto Bay, a private and exclusive property estate on the West Coast of South Africa and was designed by Ontwerp Architecture. The Grotto Bay Estate comprises of 685 hectares of Strandveld and Sandveld bush. Grotto Bay forms part of the Cape West Coast Biosphere reserve which was proclaimed by UNESCO in 2000. The Cape West Coast Biosphere offers many attractions for tourists and visitors, such as The West Coast National Park and the West Coast Fossil Park.



These mild steel handrails are made from 40mm square tube with 2 mm walls and the vertical cables are spaced according to the Building Regulations at 100mm apart.

Vertical Stainless-Steel cable balustrades have become very popular in Europe and are starting to form part of building regulations in those countries. Tensile Cables always endeavor to remain at the forefront of new and cutting-edge product development. Tensile Cables has specifically designed smaller and more economical fittings to make this range available in the South African market.


Vertical cables are ideal around swimming pools with the added safety measure of preventing children from climbing over the balustrade as the vertical cables are almost impossible to climb. This cable project was installed by Stag Workshop from Cape Town. Find them on Instagram.