Wave Ceiling – Plettenberg Bay

Tensile Cables was approached to provide cables for replicating the wave-like ceiling at Barbouni, a beach restaurant designed by K-Studio at Costa Navarino Resort in Greece. This unique ceiling design, showcased since the restaurant’s opening in 2011, rests on a raised wooden platform above the sand, allowing waves to flow beneath. The building’s structure consists of a grid of natural wooden columns.

Above the dining area, a canopy of hanging fabric sheets forms an inverted field, gently swaying in the breeze to promote airflow and maintain a cool ambiance. Throughout the day, sunlight filters through the sheets, creating a play of light and shadow that enhances the space. This dynamic ceiling design mimics the rhythm of ocean waves, contributing to the restaurant’s atmosphere, akin to natural breathing.

The integration of purposeful design elements with the natural environment results in a sensory-rich architecture that harmonizes with its surroundings, offering a comfortable sanctuary from the elements while fostering a lively and communal dining experience.

The project is currently being installed in the seaside town of Plettenberg Bay and we looking forward to sharing the images of  completed project.