4 Unique Vertical Gardens for small spaces

Vertical Gardens are popping up in business parks, shopping malls, and even as practical features for smaller spaces like these we’ve found below. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing but they are a practical use of space, and offset your carbon footprint. Indoors and outdoors, trellises, and pockets.

Poolroom garden shed

This green wall trellis snakes along the side of a garden shed converted to a poolroom complete with bar, mini kitchen, toilet and sauna. Photo courtesy Visi Magazine.

Kitchen herb garden

The convenience of a herb garden right in your kitchen speaks for itself. But the indoor garden does so much more, prettying up the space while not taking up space. Installation and maintenance are quick and easy too. Photo courtesy Visi Magazine.

Courtyard ecosystem

Instead of a concrete wall in a concrete jungle, this courtyard has been transformed into a mini-ecosystem where there is still space to sit down and reflect on a busy work day. “Since planting my garden, I have butterflies, bees, and birds that frequent my courtyard.” – homeowner Jarrett Swersky, in Visi Magazine.

Urban Blok development

Urban planning and development demands architects save space, build up, and apartments are often small, and right in amongst a bustling city. But that doesn’t mean the homes need to be dull or cramped. Bringing green wall trellises into a development such as this, breaks up the spaces between apartments with an aesthetically pleasing green building solution, that brings nature back into the urban, and improves oxygen quality surrounding the vertical garden. Photo courtesy Visi Magazine.