Floating Staircase

Blunt Architects Floating Staircase

Blunt Architect’s Pieter Steyn designed and built his own house 2 years ago and installed a beautiful floating staircase creating a majestic entry to their home. 14 steel steps are suspended by vertical cables offering not only support, but acting as an external balustrade.

Where the cables are fixed to the ground, a garden bed has been planted with shrubbery and creeper, which now 2 years later has travelled to the height of the cables where they are fixed to the stairway’s portico.

A cascading green wall subtly encloses the stairwell, and a guarded entrance offers guests some protection from the elements.

The design is modern and functional, making use of sustainable materials and it blends the home into its surroundings. Tensile Cables supplied the cables for the project.

Thank you to Pieter Steyn at Blunt Architects for the photography.

The installation after 2 years of growth.