Colored Pavilion by Architect Martin Pelaez

Image from ArchDaily

All Text and description provided by the architects. Multicolored Pavilion, is a 50.0 m2 play pavilion designed for Fundaland, the inclusive and supportive park of Fundación A LA PAR. The Foundation works towards the rights and participation of people with intellectual disabilities in society. It has the archetypical shape of a house to show that it is an inclusive space, a home for all. It celebrates diversity through color, and the alliance between people by the intersections of the color lines.

The pavilion building process is divided in four principal milestones: platform, structure, graphics and envelope. First, a rectangular platform of reinforced concrete of 13 meters long and 7 meters wide, was built in an outdoor enclosure of the park. In second place, the structure, a 5-meter-high metal gabled skeleton was installed on site anchored to the concrete platform.

The structure designed in parts to be easily assembled in place, shortening execution times. The 3 main gabled frames were joined by 12 beams and 12 cables, that brace the main structure in all directions. It was completely assembled in 6 hours. As a supportive feature to the structure work, two large steel doors of 2.5-meter-long by 4.5-meter height were installed on the front elevations.

These big doors have three purposes: ensure the natural ventilation of the space, frame the views of the greenery of the surroundings from the inside, and keep the activity of the space visually open to everyone, in matter of fun, communication and control.

The custom-made colors chosen for the project, conceptually respond to a blend of the primary colors and the corporate colors of Fundaland.