Product feature – Wood screw to concrete system

One of the many balustrade systems that Tensile Cables has to offer is our iconic wood screw going into wood and terminating into concrete on the opposite side.

This system is very suitable to use when there is no access behind a wood post or concrete pillar or when you can’t move the post or go through it. Terminating into a post or pillar without going all the way through the post has the added benefit of looking very aesthetically pleasing. The woodscrew thread terminates approximately 39 mm deep into wood and the concrete side requires around 80 mm of concrete/brick to terminate into.

This system can be quoted for, along with our other balustrade solutions, directly from our website. Visit the Products page and select the balustrade system of your choice. Select the size and quantity you require and add the solution to a quote request. Fill in your details and send, and we will revert with technical sales assistance and a quote.

4 mm socket woodscrew to socket woodscrew. Is available in 4 mm cable option only.

Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel