Domo Ensamble Studio Design Indaba

Ensamble Studio at Tippet Rise Art Center

Image courtesy of Design Indaba

Award-winning Spanish architects, Antón García-Abril and Débora Mesa from Ensamble Studio were part of the 31 speakers at this year’s Design Indaba Conference 2018 in Cape Town.

One of their most iconic pieces showcased at the Indaba was their Structures of Landscape series created for and at the Tippet Rise Art Center in Montana, USA.

The Domo, Beartooth Portal and Inverted Portal are monumental sculptures that sit on the 10,000 acre ranch under Montana’s Big Sky.

The sculptures were cast on site from the earth over 8 months through the winter. And they are now used to host musical concerts. The structures can be touched, sat under and walked through.

The sheer size of the ranch and that it only houses 9 sculptures in total allows each of the artworks at the Tippet Rise Art Center their own sculptural park.

“The land is the departure point of the design and the construction of Structures of Landscape. It is its reference and its support, also its matter. There is a strong dialect between the architecture that we built and the land,” Debora Mesa Molina, Ensamble Studio.

See the sculptures and read more about the Tippet Rise Art Center here.