Roof with Tensile Cables

Europe’s largest polycarbonate roof with tensile cables

Images courtesy of Clad News

International architecture practice von Gerkan, Marg and Partners (gmp) were tasked with an upgrade of the Slaski Stadium in Chorzów, Poland in order to bring it up to international standard for track and field competitions.

gmp were appointed to expand the structure to hold 54,500 seats and improve its operational sustainability. They also collaborated with landscape architect Biuro Limba to create a cultural and recreational park around the ground.

“It has been erected with 40 restrained reinforced concrete columns at the required height of 37m above the pitch. The structural system is based on the principle of a bicycle wheel rim, with an upper and a lower external compression ring and several spokes in the form of tensile cables attached to the inner rim of the roof.” – gmp.

The elegant tensile structure ensures a bright, open-air character of the stadium despite the new roof. The first fixture since its reopening was held at the stadium in March, 2018 spectated by a crowd of 53,129.

Local architects RS Architekci and engineering firm PL-Projekt Planungsbüro worked with gmp, and the stadium concept was developed with Schlaich Bergermann Partner.

roof with tensile cables