How to order a green wall trellis system

We offer a turnkey green wall cable trellis system including vertical and horizontal 3mm cables, and our custom designed end brackets and trellis clamps for installation on small to large scale walls.

Made from Marine Grade 316 Stainless Steel, these trellis systems are suitable in even the harshest climates boasting an extended lifespan.

What are some of the benefits of a green wall?

  • Green wall trellises reduce the energy consumption of buildings by insulating the exterior walls.
  • Green wall trellises provide protection for walls against the elements and act as a deterrent for graffiti artists.
  • The foliage reduces noise pollution by absorbing sound, and improves general air quality outside of the building as the plant life absorbs carbon dioxide and emits oxygen.

How to order a trellis system from us:

Step 1: Navigate to Products and then Trellises on our website.

Step 2: Add a trellis to your quote request.

Step 3: Fill out your contact details, and provide us with the specifications of your project. How large is the wall/s you would like to cover? How many walls would you like to cover? Does the project have any unique requirements? What type of wall are you attempting to fix the trellises to?

Step 4: Sit back and relax as we contact you with technical sales assistance on your project, a comprehensive quote, and installation advice.