Hand swaging & Hydraulic swaging of cables

Here at Tensile Cables, we have developed our own brand of hand swaging tool which allows cables to be cut to length and conveniently swaged on site. This tool is a specialist tool designed by our qualified Engineers for Tensile Cable’s clients. The tool head is machined out of specialist tool steel and the head is sent to be hardened in a process that allows the tool to leave a perfect swaged finish on your Stainless-Steel fittings. This tool greatly simplifies installation work on site, and shortens the time required for the completion of your cable project. We would not advise the use of any other hand tool for the installation of cables. Hand swaging tools can be purchase or hired from us at our office.

Tensile Cables use hydraulic swaging machines to attach the end fittings neatly onto the cables as can be seen on the swaged stud fitting and balustrade post image below. This method of attachment ensures that the breaking strength of the completed cable systems is greater than the specified tensile strengths of the cables.

Tensile Cables has had 25 years of wide-ranging experience in the design, manufacture, and installation of stainless-steel cable systems from 1.5 to 16 mm diameter cables. Our service includes assisting with structural advice regarding the support systems for all our cable systems.