Showcase: Wine Rack Cable Systems

Tensile Cables has designed a sleek range of Wine Rack Cables that suspends your Wine Collection on Stainless Steel Cables. Our Wine Rack Cable Systems are ideal for Wine Farms, Retail Outlets, Restaurants & Wine Collectors to display their Wine Collections in a superior way. Tensile Cables supply Cable Wine Racks for three different basic applications:

  1. Frame systems mounted on floors or solid material, using steel, timber, or other materials for support frames.
  2. Frame systems attached to walls of brick or other strong material.
  3. Floor to Ceiling supported systems

Advantages of Wine Rack Cables:

  • Flexibility – All our cable wine racks are custom made, and the three systems have been designed to be totally flexible regarding size, such that any width and height can be accommodated.
  • Bottles facing outwards or sideways – bottles in either direction can be easily accommodated in any of the systems
  • Cable connectors for use with wine racks – our cable systems utilize swaged studs, swaged sockets, swaged button heads, swaged threaded wood screws, swaged forks, swivel end bolts (for connecting steel hollow sections), and various types of anchor bolts. More details of these items can be seen on our website – All these connectors have very low visual impact and give the impression of a minimalist floating support to the wine bottles.
  • Due to the spacing of suspended cables you may accommodate more bottle sizes and varieties.
  • Bottles can all be spaced apart for easier viewing.
  • The simplicity of the suspended cables allows for more label visibility.
  • LED Accent lighting may be used to light up your display.
  • Wine Rack Cables allow for constant airflow between bottles which allows your wine temperature to remain the same.

Below you see the new suspended display method that allows each wine bottle to rest on a specially designed U-Shaped Rod secured by Wine Rack Clamps on both sides.