Rod Systems – The Benefits

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Rod systems are a logical inclusion in Tensile Cables’s service offerings. They can be a cost effective, efficient solution in projects under strict deadlines. Load requirements can be quickly and effectively measured for exact lengths required reducing design and manufacture time.

At the University of Botswana’s Academic Hospital, Tensile Cables in conjunction with its sister company Tension Structures was approached to manufacture and supply high strength rods for wind bracing for a steel structure at Block G and a canopy structure at the North Entrance to the hospital as well as for a canopy structure at the Trauma Unit.

Due to a strict deadline, solid steel tie rods were used on site with rods and end forks to resist loads of 90kN at two sites, and 165kN at the other.

Usually cables would be used instead of rods to allow for tensioning and variety in length. However, allowance for the specific load requirements would have demanded a longer lead time. Tensile Cables was able to design and manufacture the rod system in a matter of weeks to the clients’ desired length, to allow for tensioning and to meet the deadline.

Mendel Welding, Botswana and Botsasia Engineering installed the steel and canopy structures and Bothakga Burrow Botswana Limited were the consulting engineers on the project.

The below structure is supported by three vertical posts up front and the five horizontal arches above form the shape of the roof. The purlins, overlaid in a grid, are used to secure the roof sheeting. The tie rods assemblies are fitted at the juncture of the arches and purlins for wind bracing. Once the sheeting has been installed the entrance way will be protected from sun and rain.