A Tower House to the Treetops

A Tower House to the Treetops

Tower House is a nest in the tree tops, a family vacation home used predominantly in the winter months. Gluck+, the architects on the project wanted to capitalise on view above the treeline and design a house that not only admired its surroundings, but was also a soft footprint on it.

Three levels of bedrooms with en suite are stacked one on top of each other with a cantilevered living space on the top most floor. Running up the south-side of the house is the stairwell accessing the bedrooms. This towering stairwell is fitted with a vertical cable balustrade to allow maximum light and warmth to filter through the glass façade in winter. In the summer, the warm air rises and is exhausted out the roof while cool air is sucked in from the cooler north facing side of the house leaving no need for air conditioning.

At night, light fixtures on the cables give the appearance of fireflies floating up the stairwell after dark.

Photographs by Paul Warchol