Roof Truss Cables Bakoven

Roof Truss Minimalism

The project at House Bakoven was initiated by Indigo Architects who were looking for an elegant solution to finishing off the roof space. This was without having to use cumbersome beams or cover the roof in with a low ceiling in the living room and kitchen space of an opulent and immaculately finished home in Bakoven, Cape Town.

Structural roof truss cables perform the duty usually reserved for beams with a minimalist stainless steel tensioned cable which carries the load to prevent the roof supports from caving in. This allows for a higher volume ceiling as the room transcends into the ceiling space above, and the cables all but disappear.

A similar solution was used in Tensile Cables’ project at a home in Noordhoek for a pool room in a forest. The architect wanted to install clear roof panels, and needed a substitute for beams which would ordinarily have obstructed the view into the canopy above. Read more here.

The loads carried by the cables are structurally impressive, and offer sound alternatives to bracing and stay requirements in architecture to allow for more open plan designs.

Roof Truss Bakoven