A Pool Room in the Forest

A Pool Room in the Forest

At a residence in Noordhoek, Tensile Cables supplied the cables for a roof truss for a wet room, including an enclosed heated swimming pool, a steam room and bathrooms.

Contractor and project manager Nevil Walter, designed the pool room with transparent roof sheeting, and a hollow triangular section supporting it. In place of beams, two stainless steel cables support the roof structure horizontally allowing for an open ceilinged space which appears to extend into the forest above. The engineer on the project was Wille Van Schoor.

While other support structures were considered, Walter and the homeowner settled on the use of cables as the most cost effective. They were also an elegant solution as they dissapear in the open space, unlike beams. The cables each have a breaking strength of over 7 tonnes, and as they are marine grade stainless steel, the perfect material for a wet room. Walter, an avid sailor, was inspired by the typical use of stainless steel cables in rigging for their longevity even in marine conditions.


Nevil Walter | nevil.walter@gmail.com