What's in store

What’s in store for 2018?

After a great year in 2017, we look ahead to what’s in store for in 2018 and what we’d like to achieve.

Structural Cable Projects

Tensile Cables is looking to add further structural cable projects to our jobs list for 2018. We will still offer balustrade and trellis cable solutions, but will also be focusing on stay, bracing and other structural cable solutions. See some of our previous structural jobs here.

All new products on our website


It’s already possible to request a quote by choosing exactly which products you need directly from our website. Next year will mean even more products online and available for quote requests directly. Why would you want to receive a quote directly from our website? If you order regularly from us, you will be able to select products you are familiar with in the size & quantity you are looking for an receive a quote for this order. We will still offer the same technical support you are used to, but this streamlines the process. 


Rod Systems

University of Botswana


As well as structural cable systems, Tensile Cables offers structural rod systems and we will be including these on our website in time for next year’s orders. Take a look at one of our rod systems projects done at the University of Botswana in Gaborone.

DIY Balustrade Posts & Cables

Now that Tensile Cables offers both cable solutions and posts for balustrading, it’s possible to install your balustrade at home. Or you can order from us and have one of our recommended installers install the completed system for you. These products to appear on our website before the start of next year.

Vertical Gardens

Vertical Gardens

We have relaunched Vertical Gardens and the green wall solutions for both home and commercial spaces are available for order from the website verticalgardens.co.za.