Seattle Coffee Company Sea Point – Green Wall in an Urban Setting

Seattle Coffee Company Sea Point – Green Wall in an Urban Setting

A brand new Seattle Coffee Company store has opened in Regent Road in Sea Point, Cape Town and Tensile Cables supplied the cable trellises for their all new outdoor area.

Over four years ago, Craft of Architecture (COA) took on the task of introducing a new look to the Seattle stores. The Sea Point cafe has a quaint little open-air courtyard in the back, and trellises were introduced to uplift the space, greening the walls and offering a small piece of garden in an urban setting.

Installation of the trellises was done by Mark Boulle at African Landscape Design who remarked on the simplicity and efficiency of the installation. The use of trellises was inspired by another of Tensile Cables’ projects at the new Sun Valley Shopping Centre, in Noordhoek.

According to Visi Magazine, Seattle’s seating is “varied to offer options for meetings, working, people watching, or simply curling up with a book and a mug.” This holds true with the Regent Road store which uniquely offers wooden benches in the courtyard among the growing greenery.

Within 6 months, vegetation will have started to climb the trellises. Green walls have multiple benefits including temperature regulation against concrete surfaces, wall protection and a boost in air quality.


Main image courtesy Seattle Coffee Co.