Trellises of Bougainvillea in an Exotic Garden

Trellises of Bougainvillea in an Exotic Garden

African Landscape Design with Otten & Partners Architects collaborated on the refurbishment of House Schotte and the result was an elegant home in Tamboerskloof with the most beautiful top quality finishes.

An outdoor living area looks from the porch to an elevated pool and its landscaped surrounds. While minimalist, attention to detail has been paid to each corner of the garden. A huge Middle Eastern wooden door is a feature on the pool deck. Mark Boulle at African Landscape Design was tasked with covering the wall behind the pool with bougainvillea and framing the door.

Tensile Cables supplied four large green wall cable trellises to cover each section of wall, and extend over and above the feature door in order for the bougainvillea to grow to completely surround it. Bougainvillea grows to be heavy and it was necessary to install a solution that wouldn’t sag with its weight or pull the fixtures out of the wall.

Marine grade stainless steel trellises are not only durable but a sustainable solution even in coastal climates as they boast an extended lifespan. They can also be cleaned to enhance their longevity along with the watering of their garden surrounds.

In the not so distant future, as the foliage grows up and along the trellis, House Schotte’s pool deck will be flanked by a wall of pink flowers surrounding the ornately carved door perfectly completing the exotic outdoor space.