Blok: The Urban Residential

Blok: The Urban Residential

Taking the Atlantic Seaboard and now the Mother City by storm is the property developer Blok.

In a world where it’s now the norm for residential spaces to be in an urban setting, Blok isn’t trying to be something they’re not. In fact, they’re embracing the urbanisation of the residential space making their developments as much a part of their setting as a reprieve from them through the intuitive design of what they call ‘third spaces’.

“The comfort of your Blok apartment should always extend into the neighbourhood that surrounds you, because that aspect of the Blok ethos is as important as the detail and Thoughtful Design we pride ourselves on.”

Third Spaces could be in the form of a cocktail bar, a cleverly positioned home office or day bed. The design optimises the space at hand allowing for home space functionality in a beautifully designed residential space, within an urban environment.

Their latest development, FortyonL situated in the bustling Bo Kaap, Cape Town aims to offer housing solutions to a more diverse income bracket; and tackles the challenge of sustainable development in the socio-economic conditions of a sought after urban residential sector in the Mother City. Read more here.

Developments that are acutely aware of their surrounds are what Blok specialise in. This promotes an awareness of the area homeowners are living in, and sense of responsibility for the urban spaces surrounding their home.

“Democratic spaces either belong to no-one and degenerate or they need to belong to everyone to flourish, and Blok, as a part of the developers of the city, is determined to activate this shared level of ownership and sense of responsibility,” says Jacques (Jacques van Embden, co-founder and MD of Blok).