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Wave Ceiling – Plettenberg Bay

Tensile Cables was approached to provide cables for replicating the wave-like ceiling at Barbouni, a beach restaurant designed by K-Studio at Costa Navarino Resort in Greece. This unique ceiling design, showcased since the restaurant’s opening in 2011, rests on a raised wooden platform above the sand, allowing waves to flow beneath. The building’s structure consists of a grid of natural wooden columns.

Above the dining area, a canopy of hanging fabric sheets forms an inverted field, gently swaying in the breeze to promote airflow and maintain a cool ambiance. Throughout the day, sunlight filters through the sheets, creating a play of light and shadow that enhances the space. This dynamic ceiling design mimics the rhythm of ocean waves, contributing to the restaurant’s atmosphere, akin to natural breathing.

The integration of purposeful design elements with the natural environment results in a sensory-rich architecture that harmonizes with its surroundings, offering a comfortable sanctuary from the elements while fostering a lively and communal dining experience.

The project is currently being installed in the seaside town of Plettenberg Bay and we looking forward to sharing the images of  completed project.

Vertical Balustrade Cables – Gift Acres Estate

Step into the realm of architectural elegance with the enchanting staircase gracing the entrance of a home in Gift Acres Estate, Lynwood Ridge. Crafted with meticulous detail, this staircase transcends mere functionality to become a statement piece, weaving together modernity and natural beauty in perfect harmony.

These cables not only serve as structural support but also double as an external balustrade, adding a touch of contemporary flair to the design. With each step, guests are welcomed into a world where form seamlessly meets function.

But the magic doesn’t stop there. Where the cables meet the ground, a verdant garden bed awaits, ready to embrace a tapestry of shrubbery and creeper. As time passes, these lush greens will climb to the height of the cables. The result? A cascading green living wall that gently envelops the stairwell

With its sleek lines and natural allure, it stands as a beacon of modern design.

Introducing: Our New Label Facing Wine Pegs!

Tired of searching for the perfect bottle of wine? We have the solution you’ve been waiting for! Presenting our innovative Label Facing Wine Display Pegs, specially designed to enhance the organization and visual appeal of your wine collection.

Experience the Benefits:

Improved Organization:

Keep your wine bottles neatly positioned with their labels facing forward, allowing customers to easily browse and select their desired bottle. No more awkwardly tilting or turning bottles to find the right label!

Versatility and Flexibility:

Our adjustable wine display pegs accommodate a variety of bottle sizes and shapes, providing you with the freedom to showcase your unique collection. With our pegs, you’ll be able to attractively display a range of wines, from slender Rieslings to bold Cabernets.

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Create a professional and sophisticated presentation with our Label Facing Wine Display Pegs. The sleek and slim design not only showcases your bottles elegantly but also adds a touch of charm to your wine display area, making it a focal point in your space.

Easy Installation:

Installing our Label Facing Wine Display Pegs is a breeze! Simply mount them onto any surface of your choice and you’re all set. Enjoy the convenience of having a well-organized and visually appealing wine display in no time.

Elevate Your Wine Experience:

Whether you own a wine shop, restaurant, cellar, or a collector our Label Facing Wine Display Pegs make a world of difference. You will appreciate the ease of navigation and the delightful aesthetics of your wine selection.



Cable Balustrades: A Secure and Stylish Choice for Your Home

If you’re looking for a stylish and secure way to enhance your home’s exterior, consider cable balustrades. Cable balustrades are a modern and durable choice for decks, balconies, stairs, and other areas where safety and aesthetics are both important.

What are Cable Balustrades?

Cable balustrades consist of a series of cables that are tensioned between two opposite posts or walls. They are made of stainless-steel grade 316 cable and fittings that can withstand the elements of the outdoors.

Benefits of Cable Balustrades

There are several benefits to adding cable balustrades to your home:

Safety: Cable balustrades provide a secure barrier that prevents falls and accidents, making them an excellent choice for balconies, staircases, and decks.

Durability: Stainless steel cable balustrades are highly resistant to corrosion, making them an ideal choice for outdoor applications that are exposed to the elements.

Aesthetic appeal: Cable balustrades are sleek and minimalistic, adding a modern touch to your home’s exterior. They also don’t obstruct your view while providing the necessary safety barrier.

Low maintenance: Cable balustrades are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance, ensuring that they keep looking great for years to come.

Customizable: Cable balustrades are incredibly versatile and can be customized to fit the style of your home. You can choose from a variety tensioning options and cable sizes to create a look that suits your home.


Cable balustrades are typically easy to install, during the installation process, the cables are attached to the posts or walls using fittings, tensioners, and other hardware. The cables must be installed with the good tension to ensure maximum safety and stability.


While cable balustrades require minimal maintenance, they still need some care to keep them looking great and functioning correctly. Regular cleaning and ensuring that the tension is good are the essential practices. You’ll want to avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaners on the cables, as these can damage the surface of the stainless-steel.


Cable balustrades are an excellent choice for homeowners looking to enhance both the security and style of their homes’ exterior. They offer a durable and minimalist design that is both safe and low maintenance. With a variety of tensioning options available, cable balustrades can be customized to suit your unique home style and preferences. At Tensile Cables, we offer a wide selection of cable balustrades products that will undoubtedly meet your specific needs. Contact us today to learn more about our offerings and get started on your next home improvement project.


Factory Swaged Balustrade Cables

Factory Swaged Balustrade Cables

Our in-house fabrication department produces factory swaged cables which enables you to supply your customers with a more professionally finished, streamlined, quicker and easier to install cable balustrade.

We can factory swage cables from 3mm up to 16mm using our range of hydraulic roll swaging machines. All our cables are packaged and labelled with your measurements for easy identification and installation. Most cables can be manufactured and dispatched within 1-2 days and all orders can be dispatched anywhere in South Africa. Choose from any one of our standard balustrade systems https://tensilecables.co.za/downloads/ and we will take care of the rest. In some specialised situations, you may want to mix and match fittings to create your own system, Tensile Cables can easily customise to your requirements. 

The swaged cable systems can also be used for garden trellising, wine racks, shelving and much more.


5 Advantages of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrades

5 Advantages of Stainless Steel Wire Rope Balustrades

When selecting a material for a balustrade or barrier, it is crucial to consider not only aesthetics and performance but also its impact on surrounding views.

Additionally, the maintenance requirements of the balustrade should be taken into account, especially in commercial settings.

While glass is a popular choice for balustrades due to its transparency, low maintenance needs, and modern appearance, stainless steel wire rope balustrades offer a viable alternative that, in some aspects, outperform glass.

Here are the benefits of stainless steel wire rope balustrades:

  1. Transparency

Stainless steel wire rope can create sleek and unobtrusive balustrades that frame and showcase a view without obstructing it. These balustrades also allow for natural light and airflow.

  1. Durability and Longevity

Despite its lightweight appearance, stainless steel wire rope is incredibly robust. For instance, marine-grade wire rope from Tensile Cables can last up to 25 years in a commercial installation.

  1. Low Maintenance

Stainless steel wire rope balustrades have minimal maintenance requirements. They usually only require an annual inspection to check tensioning and identify any possible issues. Unlike glass, which attracts dirt and smudges, stainless steel wire rope requires little to no cleaning.

  1. Versatile Design Options

Wire rope balustrades offer design versatility and flexibility. They can be configured horizontally or vertically, creating a contemporary minimalist look. Additionally, Another design possibility is using wire rope to support climbing plants, creating a “green barrier.” Compared to solid materials like glass and timber, wire rope can accommodate very large spans.

  1. Easy Installation

Due to its light weight and easy handling, stainless steel wire rope is relatively quick and straightforward to install compared to heavier materials.

By considering these benefits, stainless steel wire rope balustrades become an attractive option that combines functionality, aesthetics, and ease of maintenance.

Case examples of stainless steel wire rope balustrades
  1. House Baviaanskloof
  2. Elephants Eye Luxury Lodge
  3. Rickety Bridge
  4. Blunt Architects – Vertical Cable Balustrade/Trellis


Stainless Steel Cable Balustrades: A Versatile and Stylish Solution

Stainless Steel Cable Balustrades: A Versatile and Stylish Solution

Cable balustrades made from stainless steel are an excellent choice for creating defined boundaries and zones in both indoor and outdoor spaces. Not only do they enhance the overall aesthetics of your property, but they also provide a secure barrier and ensure safety in outdoor areas. Let’s delve into the various uses and benefits of stainless-steel cable balustrades and explore how Tensile Cables can assist you in making the right decision.

Why opt for Stainless Steel cable Balustrading?

Cable balustrading offers a sleek and modern design that allows for uninterrupted views. It is a low-profile alternative that is easy to maintain and provides exceptional safety, making it an ideal choice for residential and commercial buildings. Unlike glass balustrades, cable balustrades require less upkeep while still showcasing the surrounding scenery. The vast customization options of balustrade fittings mean that you can always find a solution tailored to your specific needs. Stainless Steel cable is also known for its reliability, sturdiness, and easy replaceability.

Tensile Cables Commitment to Quality

At Tensile Cables, our Stainless steel cable and swage terminals are manufactured from marine-grade stainless steel (A4/316), ensuring unrivalled durability even in adverse weather conditions. With our extensive range of cable fittings, including swaged terminals, turnbuckles, eye bolts, tensioners, and purpose-designed wire rope, we provide all the necessary components for a secure installation.

Installation and Expert Assistance

While cable balustrades are versatile, it’s crucial to follow the proper installation procedures to ensure safety. The wire ropes must be securely held in place with the correct cable fittings, allowing them to maintain tension and act as a reliable barrier. If you require additional support during the installation process, our team of experts at Tensile Cables are here to help. We offer professional assistance with swaging, cutting and tool hire ensuring a seamless and secure balustrade system.

Wide Range of Applications

Stainless steel balustrades have various applications in both residential and commercial settings. From balconies, garden decking areas, and staircases to safety barriers, dividers, and pathways, they offer versatility and style. Commercially, you’ll often find balustrade systems utilized in waterfronts, hotels, restaurants, offices, tourist attractions, and mezzanines to enhance safety in high-risk locations. It’s important to note that the gaps between each strand of wire rope should be no larger than 100mm to prevent objects from passing through.

Choose Tensile Cables for Your Stainless Steel Cable Balustrade Needs

If you’re seeking a modern, low-profile, and technologically advanced solution for your project, look no further than Tensile Cables. With our fast lead times and professional service, we provide non-invasive and customizable cable balustrades that will elevate the look and safety of your space. Contact us today to explore the possibilities of wire rope balustrades and benefit from our expertise.



Green Wall Trellis – Stainless Steel Cable

Green Wall Trellis – Stainless Steel Cable: A Perfect Combination of Style and Functionality

If you’re looking to enhance the aesthetics of your green wall while ensuring its stability and durability, then stainless steel cable green wall trellises are the ideal choice. These trellises not only provide a visually appealing design but also offer numerous benefits.

One major advantage of stainless steel cable trellises is their long-lasting durability. Made from high-quality steel, they can withstand harsh weather conditions and retain their strength for years.

Additionally, these trellises effectively support climbing plants, allowing them to thrive and create a stunning green wall. The cables provide a sturdy framework for the plants to grow and intertwine, resulting in a beautiful natural display.

Maintenance is a breeze with stainless steel cable trellises as they require minimal upkeep. Moreover, their installation is simple and hassle-free.

Whether you’re a homeowner looking to transform your backyard or a business owner aiming to create an attractive green space, green wall trellises are a versatile solution.

Upgrade your green wall with stainless steel cable today and enjoy the perfect combination of style and functionality!


Cable Wine Rack – Sable Hills Waterfront Estate

Sable Hills Waterfront Estate is situated north east of Pretoria, with views of the the Roodeploot dam and surrounding bushveld this home was designed to incorporate every aspect of is surroundings.
CG Konstruksie contacted Tensile Cables to help design and supply this custom made cable wine rack. In this home
the cable connectors have low visual impact for a sleek, minimalist look, The cable wine rack becomes a feature of the room without dividing the space. It allows wine aficionados to walk around the the wine rack while in conversation with each other.
Tensile Cables supplies cable wine rack systems that are custom made, flexible in size and can accommodate both label and cork facing display. The systems include frame mounted, as well as floor to ceiling supported cable systems.


Building to Regulation: A Guide to SANS Balustrading Codes


Building and design regulations play a crucial role in ensuring the safety and integrity of structures. When it comes to balustrades, adherence to the South African National Standards (SANS) regulations is of utmost importance. Balustrades not only enhance the aesthetics of a space but also serve as a vital safety feature, providing protection and preventing falls in various settings. In this guide, we will explore the elegance of Tensile Cables Stainless Steel Cable balustrades and delve into the key aspects of SANS balustrading codes.

The Elegance of Tensile Cables Balustrades:

Tensile Cables Stainless Steel cable systems offers a sleek and modern aesthetic, complementing any space. The use of Stainless Steel cables and uprights provides an unobstructed view while maintaining structural integrity. With Tensile Cables balustrade systems the balustrade appears to fade from view, offering an elegant and seamless design solution.

Understanding SANS 10400:

SANS 10400 governs the requirements for balustrades, handrails, and guarding. It stipulates the minimum height requirements for balustrades in different settings. For general locations, balustrades should have a minimum height ranging from 1000mm to 1200mm. They also state that a sphere of 100mm in diameter should not be able to pass through at any given point in the balustrading. However, it’s important to note that different requirements apply when constructing balustrades around swimming baths or pools to enhance safety.

Ensuring Safety: SANS 10160 Specifications:

To ensure the safety and durability of balustrades, it is vital to meet the load requirements outlined in SANS 10160. This specification categorizes areas based on their expected occupancy load. Certain areas, such as staircases and assembly areas, have higher load requirements than others. SANS 10160 specifies the appropriate load specifications for each area category, ensuring the strength and safety of balustrades.


Adhering to SANS balustrading codes is essential for creating safe and compliant structures. Balustrades not only add elegance to spaces but also serve as a crucial safety feature. Tensile Cables balustrade cable solutions combine aesthetic appeal with structural integrity, offering a seamless and sophisticated design. By following the SANS regulations and considering Tensile Cables balustrade solutions, you can ensure the safety and beauty of your next project. Remember, building to regulation is a vital step in creating spaces that stand the test of time and prioritize the well-being of occupants.



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